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Loader buckets

At BePe construction, we make large, solid buckets for all brands of excavators and loaders. We produce all types of buckets and always adapt to the wishes of our customers.

BePe buckets are characterized by very beneficial features:

  • Can be easily pushed full
  • Made with very good welding work
  • A nice finish
  • Very good content relative to the weight of the bucket

Feel free to ask us for a reference company.

Our buckets are known for their quality and reliability and are manufactured from high-quality materials. This is your guarantee for a product that weighs less, performs better and lasts longer.

And we deliver a new bucket in a very short time!

If you need a quotation, have a question or need some advice about our services or products we’d love to hear from you.

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Quality always pays!

Therefore, only the best solution is good enough. Your concern about that is our assignment! We specialize in heavy construction and welding work. And build boxes to your liking, completely of HB material, or with HB wear parts.