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Rake for mini digger

The BePe rakes are specially developed for landscape work, such as the laying and tending of gardens and lawns and the spreading of compost and manure.

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Together with end users, we continuously work on the development of affordable, smart and green solutions. For the rake, this has led to the following features:

  • Can be used for raking, levelling and very light clearing
  • The rake is entirely clad
  • Completely made of steel S355
  • Tooth length 290 mm
  • Tooth thickness 15 mm
  • Standard quick-change suspension
  • Multiple versions and widths, see appendix
  • Can be used for raking, leveling and very light harvesting
  • The rake is completely welded
  • Made entirely of steel S355
  • Tine length 290mm
  • Tooth thickness 15mm
  • Standard quick-change suspension
  • Several versions, widths, see appendix

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