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Complete rebuild vergruizer

Like new again... After our customer has worked with the Verachtert rigid pulverizer for years, it was due for a complete rebuild. For this purpose, the cylinder rod has been completely re-chromed, fitted with new seals and a new protective cover has been made and mounted. In addition, the teeth have also been taken care of. The fixed lower jaw is made bare to the "bone" and fully equipped with new fixed wear parts. This has brought it back to its original state. Extra in this is the crosswise applied hard welding wire for an even longer service life. The upper jaw also has a complete set of new teeth and the seats have been restored. As a result, the teeth are firmly attached again and they can do their "grinding work" again for a long time. Here too, the unprotected parts are welded with wear-resistant welding wire. The blade seats in both the upper and lower jaws have been repaired and fitted with new blades. These cut the reinforcing steel into smaller pieces. In these times of increasing costs and attention to recycling, the reuse of the tools also becomes an interesting economic consideration #recycling #bepe #crusher #reuse