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Laying the new sewer

Together with our end users, we continuously work on the development of affordable, smart and green solutions, with attention to occupational health and safety. In order to be able to work smartly and cost-effectively on the installation of sewerage, we developed the unique combination of the pipelayer and the compaction wheel. With the pipelayer you can easily lay, align and simultaneously press sewer pipes in various sizes. Without the intervention of a side man. Smart and easy to use You can easily and quickly disconnect the pipelayer and exchange it for the compaction wheel. This is done in the same way as changing an excavator bucket (without hydraulics). This allows you to compact the soil to complete satisfaction, quickly and with 100% attention to health and safety. Durable There is minimal wear. In addition, you no longer need expensive maintenance costs, vibratory blocks and stampers. Various types and sizes The compaction wheel and the pipelayer are available in various sizes. For sale and hire. See our brochure, or call 040-2624427. We will help you find a customized solution.